What is Astrology?

Astrology is an ancient study of the correlation between planetary positions in our solar system, and how those positions affect events on Earth. Astrologers believe that the planetary positions at the exact time of our birth have a direct influence on our psychological make-up, family dynamics, career predispositions, health, love relationships, and general behavior. The purpose of astrology is to educate and empower individuals to learn about their predispositions and patterns so that they may use their free will to grow and prosper from each experience, thus fulfilling their Soul purpose. Astrology has been used for centuries, beginning with ancient cultures and continuing well into our current times.

Why do you need my birth time?

The most accurate astrology readings come to fruition when the client provides not only the date of birth, and city of birth, but also a precise birth time. The time we are born, sets up the stage for our life experiences. The natal chart is divided into 12 Houses, which are spheres of experience. At the time of your birth, a specific zodiac sign, known as the Rising Sign was coming upon the Eastern side of the horizon. This Rising Sign sets up the path of the birth chart, and depending upon the initial sign, the planets will be performing their journey in different areas of Earthly reincarnation. If you do not know your birth time, we can do a general reading which is still very helpful but will not show the fields of experience. This means that we will have to do a bit more investigative work during our session.

What is a Natal Chart?

Also known as a Birth Chart, it is the first step to uncovering your life purpose. It is helpful in an unlimited number of ways. It is a snapshot of universal energies from the moment that you took your first breath. It provides insight into life purpose, past life, karmic debt, emotional responses, family dynamics, one to one relationships, what we fear, and where we restrict our progress. The birth date, birth time, and birthplace for the individual is recommended to ensure the most accurate reading.

What is a Solar Return Chart?

Every year on your birthday, the Sun enters a new position in the universe, thus creating a unique chart for the year, known as a Solar Return Chart. This provides the client with an excellent idea of what to expect psychologically for the next 365 days, how to tackle challenges, and also how to accept opportunities for success. A lot of my clients feel empowered to make difficult decisions once they realize that their time is ripe for growth and change. The Solar Return Chart makes an excellent Birthday gift for a friend, parent, child, or partner. The birth date, birth time, and birthplace for the individual is recommended to ensure the most accurate reading.

What is a Relationship Chart?

A Relationship Chart describes the chemistry between two individuals in terms of how they influence each other. When I explore the synastry in a relationship, I examine the planetary placements of both individuals in an effort to determine their energy flow and likelihood of relationship success. I observe the cosmic dance between the charts. It's an opportunity to counsel my clients on developing more meaningful and emotionally fulfilling relationships. Relationship Charts will often show if the karmic patterns between both Souls is from a past life, and if so, what is the past connection. I recommend this chart to clients that are seeking more guidance in their current partnership, or are considering a committed love or business relationship. The birth date, birth time, and birthplace for both individuals is recommended to ensure the most accurate reading.

How accurate are your readings?

All astrology readings, tarot readings, and esoteric experiences are subject to our will and our awareness. The client is made aware of possibilities but how we perceive our environment, situations and inner/outer selves makes a huge deal in the scope of predictive astrology. I will never tell a client what they “must” or “should” do, as it takes away their free will. I am a guide on your Journey and I wish to empower you toward the discovery of your true Path. How you choose to approach your life after the session will determine the outcome and your continued growth.    

What happens during a Tarot Reading?

We will begin by discussing your current situation and what type of guidance you hope to receive during the reading. I believe that your Higher-Self is the guide during the Reading. I believe each person can get in touch with their Higher-Self at any time so you will be shuffling the cards, cutting the deck or pulling out the cards. I do all my Tarot Readings while sitting on the floor. This grounds our energy to the Earth current while we are seeking connection with the Spiritual Realm.

Are you a counselor or a therapist?

I am not a psychotherapist, social worker, clinical psychologist or licensed marriage counselor. I am not a substitute for mental health services or a physician. If you are experiencing physical or emotional difficulties, please reach out to a skilled provider. I recommend www.psychologytoday.com for a directory of mental health providers. My scope of practice extends to astrology, tarot readings, spiritual/esoteric journeying, Reiki (certified), meditation/chakras discovery, and crystal recommendations.

How did you learn astrology?

My love for astrology began in the late 80’s as I picked up several of my mom’s magazines and books. I continued to self-study for many years while completing traditional schooling to receive my Master’s in Occupational Therapy.  I continue to work part-time as a Certified Occupational Therapist in New York City, while growing my practice into a full-time dream. I study astrology on a daily basis. The field continues to grow, and I wish for my clients to receive the most cutting edge feedback. My love for the Karmic and Soul Journeying aspect of Astrology has brought me toward enrollment into the Jeff Green’s Evolutionary Astrology Certification Program.

Are you a psychic/medium?

If you are looking to connect with deceased loved ones I will not be the best person for your needs. If you are looking to sit down in my office and for me to tell you your past, present, and future without engaging in astrology, tarot, or conversation, I’m not the right person for your needs. My intuitive ability is primarily focused on getting in touch with your deepest Soul yearning. This is achieved through synthesis of your chart, tarot, conversation, and energetic exchange. Think of me as a bridge between the Earthly/Physical part of your existence and the Spiritual part which may be difficult for you to access without my guidance.

Will I receive a written report along with my Astrology Reading?

I will not provide you with a written report. Many of my clients choose to audio record the session on their phone or to take notes. I often write down notes for my own reference, especially when I need to keep track of my insights and recommendations.

What type of Energy Healing do you do?

I’m a level II Certified Reiki Practitioner who studied under the wonderful Geordie Numata here in NYC. I combine Reiki with energetic exercises for clients who benefit from both the transformative powers of Reiki and also exercises to break through energy blocks related to specific chakras.

What is Reiki? What happens during a Reiki session?

Please visit the link below for a comprehensive explanation of Reiki as a treatment modality.