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Song of Sparrows is the result of a life long journey into the depths of myself; guided by the universe. I see myself as a spiritual healer and guide. My goal is to help you gain more clarity in your personal life so that the choices you make are not based on fear, but rather on true willpower. Allow me to to be part of your decision making process when faced with career, relationship, health or spiritual dilemmas. I use astrology as my primary explorative tool, and I further empower your growth with energy based exercises, Reiki, Tarot cards, dreams, and meditation. I'm looking forward to hearing from you!


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Anna is a highly intuitive, empathic, and compassionate person and therapist. She is attuned to others in a way that can only be experienced, not explained. Anna is gifted in the way she makes each and every one of her clients feel as though they are her only client. She really makes you feel special and important everyday. I would highly recommend Anna to anyone interested in some guidance along their journey of life
— Kimberly Atwood, Princeton NJ
Anna has helped me on this journey to understand my purpose in life. She’s very compassionate, yet possesses a tender honesty that allowed me to clearly see my own blockages. Unlike healers I’ve been to in the past, Anna’s offering wasn’t about “what will happen,” but rather illuminating the path I’m currently on, and giving perspective in either staying the course or changing it. Very insightful.
— Karen Bernards, Valencia CA
Anna has an amazing aura, you are immediately attracted to her, she has this positive energy that brightens your day when you are around her. Anna has helped me through a difficult time when I lost a loved one. She was able to do a Tarot card reading and help with a difficult time frame in my life. Her wonderful chart analysis help enlightened me on what I should be focusing on and some struggles I may face in the upcoming year.
— Pooja M, Long Beach NY
Intuitive. Trustworthy. Honest. Friendly. Compassionate. Understanding.
All words I would use to describe Anna. She has remarkable insight into your inner being, and an ability to put you at ease while helping you connect to your own inner workings and spiritual world
— Jeremy Rye, Brooklyn NY



As an Astrologer, Reiki Healer and Tarot Reader with a strong focus on the evolution of the Soul, my role is to help you familiarize yourself with your Karmic Path. Your Soul will continue to seek new avenues of expression as it makes its way home toward the Divine. Each reincarnation provides us with an opportunity to tackle karmic lessons and in turn break away from patterns of fear and restriction that no longer serve us. If you are living an unfulfilled life, you have not yet unlocked your Soul Journey. It will be my greatest honor to help you access your Sacred Self.


About Me


I was born and raised in Krakow, Poland during a very politically and culturally transformative time. My early childhood years were riddled with illness. At the age of five, I had a near death experience following a temporary spinal paralysis from childhood meningitis. When I recovered I found myself viewing the world in an intuitive and interconnected way. 

I am a licensed NYS Occupational Therapist, and I combine my strong medical and academic background with my practice as as an Astrologer, Energetic Healer and Tarot Reader to create a holistic and humanistic approach to Empowering my clients. My therapeutic path is multidimensional. My approach is intuitive and psychological, cultural, dynamic, creative, warm, and most importantly non-judgmental.